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Crop Image with Yahoo & jQuery Library in PHP

Hello, In this article I will show how to crop image in PHP. I have also used Yahoo & jQuery, prototype library to do this. Let’s begin our tutorial: Files Structure for this package: Index.php crop_image.php cropper.php css/chooser.min.1.5.css css/cropper.min.1.2.css js/carousel.min.1.12.js js/cropper.min.1.4.js js/ js/ yahoo-min.js media/images media/temp Lets create a form in the “index.php” file […]

Import CSV file data to show in HTML with PHP

This simple script shows you how to import data of a CSV file and for show purpose we will us an HTML table.  First we will create a form so that we can browse CSV file. Use the below code: <table cellpadding=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ border=”1″ style=”width:600px; min-height:30px; margin:0 auto;”> <tr> <td colspan=”3″ align=”center”> <form action=”<?php echo […]

Get Data from MySQL with PHP-Ajax

The following example will demonstrate how a web page pass parameter and can fetch information from a database with AJAX in a PHP file. We need to complete 4 steps to run the example: Step-1: Create a database (suppose-tutpub_db) and run the following sql in that database. We also need to know the user name […]

Get Server Information with PHP

From this example you will learn about the variables to get server information that are pre-defined to PHP libraries. Here I have just print the result. You can put the result in any variable and modify as your need. Here I have just draw a table in PHP file on which the server information will […]

PHP script to convert String into a image

This is just a simple script that will get string from user and convert it to image then output it. You may use it  to convert your text name, email address, web site url, etc. This script automatically calculates the width of text into pixels inserts the PNG or gif image. In this script we […]

Script for Google Page Rank

Ever wanted to display the Google Page Rank on your website using your script hosted on your server? Now you can download and implement a pagerank script right on your website, show pageranks for both you and your friends’ websites! What do you need in order to make this work? PHP support from your host […]