Connect database with ODBC in PHP

PHP supports a large number of databases to manage data. ODBC is one of the ways to connect database. PHP offers some functions (odbc_connect, odbc_exec, odbc_fetch_row, etc) that are used to connect ODBC and manages our data. To work with these functions we need to configure a Data Source Name (DSN) that we can create […]

Configure an ODBC Connection

In this tutorial we will see how to configure an ODBC connection in Windows XP Operating System. We can connect to any database with an ODBC connection, on any computer in a  network, till the  ODBC connection is available. Here are the steps to create an ODBC connection to a MS Access Database: Open the […]

How to Enable Facebook Timeline

This morning Facebook announced Timeline, a crazy (and kind of creepy) omnibus look at everything that has ever happened in your Facebook lifespan. It’s like a story book of your life — or at least the online, documented parts. Facebook said that Timeline would be on the way for everyone sometime in the coming weeks… which is great […]

JavaScript Cookies

What is Cookies? A cookie is a variable that is stored by the site when we request a page with a browser. With JavaScript, we can both create and retrieve cookies values to process as our need. In this tutorial we will see how to set and retrieve cookies with JavaScript. First, we will create […]

Execute PHP Code from Database

Hi there, Recently in a project  I need to execute PHP text from database. Primarily I was confused how to execute text. But it is solved using the eval() function.  The eval() function evaluates a string as PHP code.  The string must be valid PHP code and must end with semicolon. In this tutorial You […]

Crop Image with Yahoo & jQuery Library in PHP

Hello, In this article I will show how to crop image in PHP. I have also used Yahoo & jQuery, prototype library to do this. Let’s begin our tutorial: Files Structure for this package: Index.php crop_image.php cropper.php css/chooser.min.1.5.css css/cropper.min.1.2.css js/carousel.min.1.12.js js/cropper.min.1.4.js js/ js/ yahoo-min.js media/images media/temp Lets create a form in the “index.php” file […]

Java Server Pages

What are java server pages : JavaServer Pages (JSP) is a server side Java technology that allows software developers to create dynamically generated web pages, with HTML, XML, or other document types, in response to a Web client request to a Java Web Application container (server). To allow this an HTML page is given the […]