Import CSV file data to show in HTML with PHP

This simple script shows you how to import data of a CSV file and for show purpose we will us an HTML table.  First we will create a form so that we can browse CSV file. Use the below code: <table cellpadding=”0″ cellspacing=”0″ border=”1″ style=”width:600px; min-height:30px; margin:0 auto;”> <tr> <td colspan=”3″ align=”center”> <form action=”<?php echo […]

Frequent ask question about File Sharing?

What is file sharing? Basically sharing any type of file (digitally stored information) is considered file sharing, including text files, electronic books, computer programs, pictures, music, and films. It may be implemented through a variety of ways. Common methods of storage, transmission, and distribution used in file sharing include manual sharing using removable media, centralized […]

WordPress Plugin tutorial from scratch

We have describe before about how to create wordpress plugin tutorial for beginner. So, if You are new to wordpress plugin development please visit. In this tutorial we think You have basic knowledge about wordpress plugin development. This tutorial show you how to create a facebook like or recommend button(with modification feature from plugin admin […]

Get Data from MySQL with PHP-Ajax

The following example will demonstrate how a web page pass parameter and can fetch information from a database with AJAX in a PHP file. We need to complete 4 steps to run the example: Step-1: Create a database (suppose-tutpub_db) and run the following sql in that database. We also need to know the user name […]

Get Server Information with PHP

From this example you will learn about the variables to get server information that are pre-defined to PHP libraries. Here I have just print the result. You can put the result in any variable and modify as your need. Here I have just draw a table in PHP file on which the server information will […]