How to create a zip file in ZipArchive with php

In this example, you will learn ‘how to add files to zip archive  with  PHP programming language. To  create a zip file, we need to use ZipArchive class. Use the conditional statement to add a file in the ZipArcive class. If the file exists, the create() function will generate a new zip file, in case of failure, it will print failed in creating zip file.

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$newzip = new ZipArchive;
$create = $newzip->open(‘’, ZipArchive::CREATE);//MENTION THE ZIP FILE NAME TO BE CREATED

if ($create=== TRUE) {
$newzip->addFile(‘file-1.txt’);//MENTION THE FIRST FILE TO ADD IN ZIP ARCHIVE
$newzip->addFile(‘file-2.txt’);//MENTION THE SECOND FILE TO ADD IN ZIP ARCHIVE
echo “Zip file successfully created”;
} else {
echo “Failed in creating zip file”;

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