Important Bookmarklets For Web Designers And Developers

Bookmarklets are a great way of saving time when used regularly. With just a click, they can provide so much information / help. Here is a list of 15 very handy web designer / developer bookmarklets which includes:

  •  Learning the colors used
  • Inserting a ruler on a webpage
  • Reloading CSS without reloading the whole site and more..

You can be bookmarked from the author’s websites or:

Click here to download all the bookmarklets mentioned as a Firefox bookmark folder (can be added from bookmarks> organize> bookmarks> import&backup> import HTML menu at Firefox).

Note: If you’re not using it already, Firefox web developer extension is strongly adviced for developing faster besides using these bookmarklets (few of the bookmarklets mentioned are already in the extension).


WTFramework – Learn JavaScript Framework Used

When you wonder which JavaScript framework is used on a website, rather than checking the source, simply click to this bookmarklet & it will display the framework(s) used.


XRAY – See Details Of Any Web Element

It lets you see the box model in action for any element, all the details of it. Just click the XRAY button to instantly get the answers of:

  • Where is the top and left of this element?
  • How big is each margin? how big is the padding?
  • How wide and high is the content box?



A free cross browser tool that lets you test selectors with any web page. Selectors, particularly complex ones can be difficult to get exactly right – MRI lets you experiment with them on any web page.


Design – Grid-Rule-Unit-Crosshair

Design provides a menu with 4 options:

  • Grid: overlays a configurable grid.
  • Rule: a ruler which can snap to block level elements.
  • Unit: for measuring the differences between 2 given points.
  • Crosshair: draws a crosshair cursor on the page to assist in layout alignment


Slayer Office – Favelet Suite

Several tools in one bookmarklet. All are very handy like “learning which colors are used on a website”, “document trr chart” & more..


Aardvark – Display Elements & More

Aardvark – Display Elements & More

Aardvark enables you to view the details of the element & to do various things, such as:

  • Delete the selected element from the page
  • Isolate the element
  • Move the selection rectangle outward to the containing element & more.

Tip: The bookmarklet is at the right side of the website.


ReCSS – Reloads The CSS

ReCSS – Reloads The CSS

A so simple but helpful bookmarklet.

When editing a CSS file, to see the result, all the page is generally refreshed. ReCSS only updates the CSS & the results are seen quicker.

It specially helps if you are developing an Ajax application where some content appears after sometime, you simply don’t have to wait.


 Edit Any Website – Get It

Edit Any Website – Get It


Want to see how a text will look on a webpage? Or, how would it be if that image wasn’t there?

This bookmarklet makes any website editable, positions of the elements & text can be changed.


Is your favorite bookmarklet missing? Please share it in the comments. We will added to this list soon as possible…:)

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